My son has been with Maple Bear Serangoon North for a year. In that short period of time he has improved a lot and achieved many milestones. He learned to do things and small chores independently. His phonics and writing got better. Also, his logical thinking as well as his interaction with other kids really developed so well. The greatest milestone which I think my son achieved is learning to speak some mandarin words/sentences. Being a non-Chinese parent, I was a bit worried that my son will not be able to cope up because he does not speak or even understand Mandarin and that no one at home can teach him. But when I came to visit him at the center, I was surprised to see him converse with his teachers and classmates in Mandarin. I could say that his teachers have done a great job. Apart from having a good curricullum, I think the center do have great teachers who are really passionate in helping the kids learn and grow. I have seen my son as well as his friends enjoy being in the center. Yes, they do play a lot in there but in those activities they do learn while having fun. And I think that is what make Maple Bear so great. They build the children in a holistic way and still allow them to do what children is supposed to do - PLAY. - Jennifer Guevara

My boy started his learning journey with MapleBear in Jan 2018. I was initially worried that he could not adapt to the new environment. However, things turn out better than expected. I am glad to have chosen MapleBear and I would like to compliment his teachers for patiently taking good care of my son during this transition and it certainly helps him to settle in comfortably. Additionally, the teacher is always very responsive to my queries and through her, I get to know how my boy is doing in school and his progress, which is very assuring. When we send our boy to school, it is apparent from my boy's behavior that he is more attached to the teacher. With her presence, my boy is at ease. This goes to show the teacher’s dedication, care, kindness and patience. I am happy that my son is in good hands. Once again, thank you. - Mrs Tan