We would like to take this chance to express our gratitude to Hui Hui's teachers who have shown great love and patience. We feel blessed and grateful to have all of you as part of her first milestone. 惠惠第一次集体生活,非常感谢老师的照顾和疼爱!幼儿园老师是她的第一人老师,为她开启了知识的大门, 带着她认识这个世界,形成她一生的基础!我们非常感恩遇到好的老师,是惠惠的幸运!原老师桃李满天下!- Mr and Mrs Li

Thank you for taking good care of Shangran and guiding him throughout the past seven months. Seven months may not be extensive but Shangran has progressed well and fast during this period. He relishes going to MapleBear Bartley for the interesting interactions with teachers. For us as parents, feedback from teachers were also sincere, suggesting a plethora of thoughtful observations. For this, we as parents of Shangran would really like to take this chance to thank all of you for your effort and attention spent. - Mr and Mrs Yan

Thank you for the wonderful environment you are providing Isabelle with! She is evidently enjoying herself at MapleBear Bartley. Thank you for training her to sleep on her own and most importantly for the exceptional warmth and love you shower Isabelle and all the children with. We are very grateful to have chosen MapleBear Bartley for our first born! - Mr and Mrs Ephraim Gicain

Thank you so much for all your dedication and undivided attention in taking care and teaching of both Gloria and Gwyneth! We know sometimes they can be quite “cranky” in the morning and we appreciate your patience in calming them and making them settle down after we have left them at MapleBear Bartley. Kudos to all the teachers, staff and Principal for keeping the warmth and love for Gloria and Gwyneth! - Mr and Mrs Tay