Thankful to all the wonderful teachers, who have helped my boy settle in during the past 1 year. Making the school such a fun and welcoming place to be in. Thank you for putting in the extra effort to make every festive celebration so fun and interesting for the kids! And not forgetting, Ms Eileen, for being so actively involved in the centre's activities and making it so easy for us, parents, to stay connected with the school! Glad to have chosen MapleBear Havelock!” - Mrs Peng

More than one happy moment I will say I’ve been amazed with the Mia’s journey after starting going to MapleBear Havelock, how she is becoming more and more independent. One week after she start she was giving her 1st steps, then I could see her interactions with other kids, then started to eat by herself.... and seeing how happy she is when she goes to school just say pretty much everything! I really recommend MapleBear Havelock to any other parents who would like their kids to grow and learn in a playful and healthy way, the personnel is great and the environment perfect for a children’s day care centre. - Mrs Ying