When we first visited the school in November 2017, we fell in love with the environment immediately and decided that this will be the school that our child will go to. That was the best decision ever. Our child entered the school in January 2018 and although he had to take sick leave from school quite often due to poor immune system within the 1st 6mths, we saw how he progressed extremely well. The principal, teachers and even the pantry auntie was very welcoming and patient with our little boy. They gave him the attention he needed and ensure that he gets comfortable in school. Now after 6mths, from not being able to speak properly, our child can now listen to instructions quite well and can even start forming simple sentences. Now when asked if he wants to go to school, he says yes and looks forward to wearing his uniform every morning. We are grateful for the kindness and attentiveness of the teachers in Maplebear Lavender. - Mrs Muhammad

Thank you for all that you do and being a part of Hayder’s journey. Hayder absolutely loves going to school everyday and that is a testament to your awesomeness! We truly appreciate all of you. Thank you for the love, kindness and fun that you have given Hayder. We are truly grateful to you! - Mr and Mrs Iskandar