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Maple Bear Preschool brings the best of Canadian and Singaporean bilingual education to the world by offering high quality bilingual (immersion) education. There are currently over 447 Maple Bear early childhood, elementary, middle, and high schools in 20 countries around the world. The Maple Bear mission is to deliver a student-focused learning system in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that prepares students for success at the post secondary level and that instills a passion for life-long learning.

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Canadian Education

Canada’s education system consistently ranks among the best in the world. In 2018, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) ranked Canada #1 in the English-speaking world in science, math and reading.

Our Story

Maple Bear is one of the fastest growing international educational brands in the world. Maple Bear Singapore is no exception, as it has rapidly expanded its operations from one centre in January 2014 to now more than 40 centres.

Own a School

The demand for high quality bilingual immersion education is growing globally as more and more parents aspire to give their children a head start in life. Educators and entrepreneurs alike around the world are choosing to meet that demand by investing in a Maple Bear school for its world class Canadian methodology and because of the international reputation of Canadian bilingual education.

Curriculum & Methodology

The Maple Bear curriculum is written by our team of Canadian educational experts and continually updated with the latest in Canadian educational practices. Under the guidance of our education director, Mrs Patricia Koh, the curriculum is further refined and translated to suit the children of Singapore. At the preschool level, Maple Bear delivers a student-focussed learning system based on Canadian and Singaporean educational pedagogy and best practices.

Bilingual (Immersion) Education

Bilingual Immersion methodology is used in Maple Bear schools to develop competence in languages. This means that children learn to listen, speak, read, and write in both English and Mandarin by surrounding them with conversation and instruction in both languages.

Play-Based Learning

Children are naturally curious about their world and are eager to learn about it. They need to manipulate, explore, and experiment with real objects. Play is the serious work of children.

Outcome-Based Curriculum

The Maple Bear curriculum is designed to achieve specific and measurable outcomes in respect to literacy and other subject areas, such as maths and science, through a purposeful and intentional approach.

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Early literacy development is not just about learning to read
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“Children often close their ears to advice, but “Children often close their ears to advice, but open their eyes to example.” ⁣
We are keenly aware that it’s not just what we teach in our classrooms, but that our MapleBear Teachers are one of the biggest role models in your child’s early life. ⁣
Apart from modelling the right character values, we love connecting our children to the community through our annual charity projects. ⁣
MapleBear Singapore is looking forward to supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation & Children’s Wishing Well this Children’s Day! ⁣
More information on how you can get involved soon!
Announcing our long-awaited, Limited Edition After Announcing our long-awaited, Limited Edition Afternoon Tees! The perfect tees to bring your child from nap time to afternoon fun! ⁣
Super soft, and extremely cooling, your child will never want to get out of it!⁣
Officially launching in October, don’t tell anyone we leaked it out here! 🤫 (Ask your Centre Teachers if you can be amongst the lucky few to place a pre-order!)
Does homework really enhance a child’s learning? Does homework really enhance a child’s learning? ⁣
At Maplebear, we believe that children learn best when they are singing, dancing, drawing or painting. ⁣
Activities such as painting encourages our children to be creative, imaginative and confident. ⁣
Focusing on future skills are more valuable than giving our children homework and getting them to copy, write or simply teaching the right answers.⁣
We are big on reading for pleasure and discovery, learning through play, inquiry and investigation! ⁣
As there is a strong connection between parental involvement and student achievement, families are encouraged to engage in early learning activities that will help in building confidence and early success.
Young children are active learners and every one o Young children are active learners and every one of them are at varying stages of development. Be it the auditory learner, the visual learner, or the kinaesthetic learner, all of them come to school with a wide range of pre-literacy skills. ⁣
Our MapleBear pre-school Language Arts programme is part of an integrated education system that works to enhance each individual style of learning successfully! At the end of their journey with us, your children will not be afraid to pick up a book and read!