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Maple Bear Father's Day Vernon Anthonisz and child
Conversations With My Dad – Happy Father’s Day
A big shout-out to all the dads in our lives who’ve got our backs and show up for us come rain or shine. This Father’s Day on the 16th of…
Maplebear parents with children
Hear from a Maple Bear Parent at Maple Bear Bukit Bintang, Malaysia
Looking for the right preschool for your child? Hear from fellow parent, Ashraf Madina, why his family enrolled their son, Aylan, to Maple Bear Bukit Bintang after moving from America…
Mom and tots program
Preparing Your Child for Preschool: the Mom and Tots program at Maple Bear Ari, Thailand
Are you excited for your child’s first school experience but want to ensure they feel comfortable with the adjustment? The Mom and Tots program at Maple Bear Ari is specially…
The Bear Global Magazine 4
The Bear Global Magazine #4
We are pleased to present the 4th global edition of the Bear Magazine - a special 20th anniversary edition. The Bear is the official annual magazine of Maple Bear schools worldwide.
Teaching with Empathy: Empowering Maple Bear Singapore Teachers through PDCP Training 2024
Maple Bear Singapore is committed to building a thriving early years education network through continuous Professional Development and Curriculum Planning (PDCP) Training. On 15 April 2024, about 800 Maple Bear teachers, owners,…
Maple Bear Mascot at Philippines Family day event
Maple Bear Philippines Family Day 2024
The Maple Bear Philippines Family Day 2024 held in January this year was a magical occasion where our Asiawide community came together in celebration. For this year’s event themed “Once…