When we were looking for our child a school, I was very particular about the curriculum, diet, the educators experience, the school layout & safety expect the list goes on and on, I even went to an extent of speaking to the founder herself to know more of the details of the school but I must say Maplebear nail it! Our child been with them only for a month but we have seen the tremendous progress. She can sing a-z & she is more independent now! I must say the teachers play a big role in her development! Kudos to teacher Michelle & Lao Shi! I must say that all the teachers and the principal, Ms Ang are very well experience educators and they’re very passionate. Been at their morning breakfast and I love how the teachers nurture the kids, I love the holistic approach! We’re very happy that we’ve made the right choice to enroll her to Maplebear! No regrets! I can’t wait to see more of our child development. - Elle Ervina Marzuki