By Mrs Patricia Koh,
Chief Executive & Education Ambassador, MapleBear Singapore

It is no longer enough to teach your child to memorise answers just to pass examinations. To prepare her for the future, it is also important you raise her to become a responsible, respectful and valuable global citizen. Give her a good head start with these life skills:

Curiosity Your child naturally has lots of questions about the world around her. Encourage her eagerness to learn and explore. Guide her to search for the answers through exploring, experimenting, and asking further questions to help your little one become an active learner.

Communicating clearly Speaking up and expressing her feelings will help others better understand your child's needs. She should also be taught to stand up for herself or others by communicating clearly if the situation arises.

As she grows older, conveying her thoughts effectively is also required at school and an asset in the workplace.

Resolving disagreements amicably It is essential that children learn to build positive relationships, resolve conflicts and settle disagreements amicably on their own.

Disagreements are inevitable, so a child must learn to respect differences in others and to manage her emotions and behaviours. She should pay more attention to her own feelings and understand the effect of words on others.

Equip her with techniques to manage stress and anxiety such as breathing, counting to 10, and focusing on the problem (not the person).

Resilience Life doesn't always go as planned, and your little one will have to understand and learn to cope with disappointments. For example, she expected to spend the day at the park, but it rained heavily the whole day.

Teach her to be able to accept change of plans.

Encourage her to plan ahead with alternatives or take the opportunity to remind her of the things that truly matter, like spending time with family wherever it may be.

Remember, her greatest role model is you. Your pre-schooler observes how you behave and react, and mimics what she sees. Hence it is essential to be a mindful parent who is always present for your child.