Maple Bear Singapore Education Ambassador - Mrs Patricia KohMaple Bear Singapore is very fortunate to have Mrs Patricia Koh, the Founder of Pat's Schoolhouse as its Chief Executive and Education Ambassador.

A leading educator with more than 40 years of experience, Mrs Koh is highly sought after for her expertise as a speaker at events and advisor at early learning centres in the US, UK, Australia and the region. At Maple Bear Singapore, Mrs Koh is fully involved in overseeing Curriculum Development, Teacher Selection & Training, Learning Environment Design, as well as Parenting Guidance. 

Her involvement ensures that the Maple Bear program is specifically designed for our children here in Singapore. With her guidance, we are sure that every child who comes to Maple Bear will have a wonderful learning experience and a sound foundation laid for their future years.

"Maple Bear’s educational approach is developed from the early years with a long-term perspective for future success. Its focus on holistic development from early language acquisition and creative thinking, to numeracy skills and physical well-being, ensures a good foundation for children from the very beginning.”  - Mrs Patricia Koh