Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.

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Maple Bear Bukit Batok (Propell Building)

Established in 2016, Maple Bear Bukit Batok has consistently provided high-quality infant and childcare services for communities in the West. Housed in the modern, high-rise Propell building, we offer a nurturing learning environment with open classrooms, an indoor playground, and many more unique learning areas. Our programme adopts a bilingual immersion methodology that ensures children are well-prepared for primary school education with the ability to read, write and speak fluently in both English and Chinese. We believe in a play-based approach where children can learn through exploration, experimentation and fun-filled engagement!

Kaylene has been with MapleBear since Nursery and she enjoys every day of school. The school feels like a second home to Kaylene. The friendly staff and teachers at Maple Bear Bukit Batok know each student by their name! From my interaction with them, they share a close-knitted relationship with the kids, which puts my mind at ease knowing that Kaylene is in good hands! Kaylene has grown significantly in her academic studies, as well as her character building throughout her time in school.
Thank you to the selfless and caring staff & teachers at Maple Bear Bukit Batok!
– Cheryl Cheong, Mother of Kaylene Tan
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