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Careers with Maple Bear

Careers With Maple Bear

Are you a person who is truly passionate about nurturing future generations?

Who seeks both personal and professional growth as a person and an early childhood educator?

If the answer is yes, you are welcome to be part of Maple Bear’s dynamic teaching and academic support family! Click here to begin your magical journey with us.

We welcome YOU to join our Maple Bear family if you are:
  • Energised about engaging children.
  • Passionate about nurturing a love for learning.
  • Keen to play a pivotal role in providing a safe and secure learning environment.
  • Creative and possess diverse skills and talents.
  • Eager about continuous development.
Being part of the Maple Bear team has been amazing! I am constantly given opportunities to learn and discover new teaching techniques and management skills. My growth with Maple Bear far exceeds any in my past 20 years as a teacher and principal.
– Ms Jacqueline Lau
I joined Maple Bear in 2017. My journey with MapleBear has been a fascinating and exciting one, from entering as a curriculum specialist to what I am today. I am thankful to the school and to Mrs Patricia Koh for the countless opportunities to expand myself and explore on my capabilities. I was tasked to assist with the school expansion in Chengdu and other regions and this experience broadened my perspectives and gave me deeper insights on the importance of quality early childhood education. I thank Mrs Koh for her trust in me and for being a constant support and pillar of strength for me and my teachers. The management and team at Maple Bear definitely propels each and every one of us to advance further in our abilities and to give our best to the children under our charge.
– Ms Joy Lee
It has been a wonderful and awesome adventure to work with young children at Maple Bear Preschool. It’s so heart-warming to see them looking forward to coming to school each day - they literally ‘run’ to school! Watching the children learn, grow and enjoy their learning has also been a rewarding experience. The children’s joy in learning is of course attributed to the teachers who are dedicated in teaching and nurturing them.
– Ms Cecilia Soh
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