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MapleBear Preschool in Expat Living’s 2022 Parent’s Review

Posted in Media on Thursday, April 21st, 2022

We are happy to find an inspiring review by a MapleBear Preschool couple featured in the April 2022 issue of Expat Living Magazine!

Hear from a MapleBear family as they chat with Expat Living all about their journey with us since enrolling little Etienne in infant care at six-months old. From our bilingual immersion programme to play-based curriculum, discover one parent’s experience with our community of happy teachers and families.

Did you know we love to get parents in on the fun of their child’s early learning experience? At MapleBear Preschool, we believe that strong parent-teacher collaboration is the best way to create a holistic childcare experience and listen to what you have to say.

We’d love to get in touch here to find out more about your family’s unique experiences with us. Or feel free to schedule a visit with a MapleBear centre nearest to you.

Shout-out to Oliver and Charmaine Bouchard, and their young kid Etienne, for their delightful words on the wonderful team at MapleBear Orchard!

Read the testimonial below or pop over to Expat Living’s digital article or e-magazine to find out more.

MapleBear Preschool Family
Oliver and Charmaine Bouchard, French-Canadian and British; Etienne (4)

“We’ve been in Singapore for over 10 years. When he was six months old, Etienne started in the infant care class at MapleBear Orchard. When we started searching for preschools, it was based on location and a preference for a bilingual immersion programme. As soon as we arrived at MapleBear for a visit, we were immediately struck by the warmth and enthusiasm of the teachers, the bright and cheerful environment and the level of focused care, which was evident from the interactions between the teachers and the pupils.

Our experience with MapleBear has been extremely positive, primarily due to the teaching staff who take time to get to know and understand each child. We receive almost daily updates through the MapleBear app, with photos and descriptions detailing the numerous activities that the children undertake such as sports, art, music and drama. These are in addition to their daily lessons, which are always conducted with a fun twist. We’re continually impressed by the creativity and thought put into each lesson to ensure the children remain engaged.

There’s a strong sense of community within the school, thanks to the many organised events. Pre-COVID, parents would be invited to concerts, coffee catch-ups and an annual children’s day event where MapleBear schools across Singapore would participate. Even now, with restrictions, the school works to involve parents as much as possible.

We’ve seen Etienne thrive and grow into a confident little boy, one who is now able to converse in Mandarin with his teachers and peers. The school has such a homely feel and Etienne is always excited to go in – he comes home with lots of stories about his eventful day.We’re happy that we made the decision to send Etienne to MapleBear and we frequently recommend the school to other families.”
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