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Maple Bear Havelock (annex@Furama)

Nestled among bustling Tiong Bahru, River Valley, Havelock, Outram, and close to the city center – Maple Bear Havelock offers a unique learning environment amidst the historically-rich area in Singapore.

The school is situated within the annex@furama of Furama RiverFront. With the strong support from the Hotel Management, we have a 30-minute grace period for all those who drive. Parents can now send their children in and have time for a chat and a cup of tea with the teachers and principal.

More than a just a preschool, we grow with your child. Through our Infant Care and Childcare services, we will walk the childhood journey with your child. From as young as 2 months old, we will see them through their milestones as they embark on their baby steps, till they graduate and move on to formal education.

Offering the best of early childhood education from Canada and Singapore, our bilingual immersion and bicultural approach immerses your child in an enriching and stimulating environment with learning resources in both English and Mandarin. The scene is set for children to build a strong language foundation, where they can pick up both languages from the first day of school. Led by CEO of MapleBear Schools Singapore, Mrs Patricia Koh, together with Principal Ms Crystal Lim, a dedicated educator with 12 years of experience under her belt, our committed team of teachers are Early Childhood Diploma and Degree graduates who will embrace your child in an enriching and loving environment.

At 12,000 sq ft, Maple Bear Havelock’s spacious layout encourages students to learn, play and discover in a large imaginative play area. Bathed in natural light, our classrooms create an environment conducive to learning. Centered in the middle of the school is our very own large indoor playground for daily play! Created in collaboration with The Polliwogs, the play equipment are specially designed to stimulate physical, brain, social and emotional development in your child. Outdoor play sessions at Furama Riverfront’s outdoor spaces make for fun learning adventures against the backdrop of the hotel’s manmade waterfall amidst a natural forest reserve.

Bringing outdoor fun into the school arena, our very own sand play area encourages explorative sand play in a safe and hygienic environment. The sensory adventure continues with weekly water play activities, a splash of fun in the school’s bathroom! More fun ensues in our exclusive Music & Movement programme helmed by our very own in-house music and arts specialist, Miss Elmi Teo, trained and certified in pedagogy for elemental music teaching in the Orff Schulwerk Approach in Australia. Our Music and Movement programme promises musical, rhythmic and kinesthetic awareness through performing arts such as solfège singing, dancing and tango.

Our other holistic enrichment programmes champion active learning and independent thinking. These include:

  • Creative Fine Arts Programme
  •  Inspiring Performing Arts Programme
  •  Exclusive Music and Movement Programme
  • Little Chef’s Cookery Class
  • Chinese Speech & Drama
  •  i-Math
  • Fastrack Kids

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407 Havelock Road
#04-01, annex@furama
Singapore 169634


  (+65) 6737 8898
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