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Maple Bear Bukit Timah (HorseCity)

The first of Maple Bear schools to open in Singapore, Maple Bear Bukit Timah (Horsecity) is situated at the heart of the affluent Bukit Timah district and easily accessible by car, taxi and the new Downtown line (Sixth Avenue station).

Displayed against a back ground of lacquered wood that intersects a maple red wall, the Maple Bear logo is unmissable. With a spacious learning environment and 2 huge outdoor play areas, we welcome you to visit our centre to discover more about our strong academic programme and commitment to providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child.

Unique Features of Maple Bear Bukit Timah

Embracing the spirit of renovation and renewal, what once were rows of stables have been converted to small businesses. This unique layout therefore lends a rustic and homely charm to our preschool which would be hard to find anywhere else.

Maple Bear Bukit Timah also offers an abundance of outdoor play. Taking up a total of 4 separate buildings, we have refurbished the space in between to accommodate 2 outdoor playgrounds, a water-play area, as well as a sand-play area and much much more! The original concrete flooring has also been covered with a brightly-coloured safety surface to facilitate healthy and safe outdoor play.

Situated amidst the greenery which surrounds Horsecity, Maple Bear Bukit Timah’s ‘backyard’ also offers many opportunities for your child to explore the natural world. The wonderful thing about nature-play, is that that through their senses (sight, sound, smell, and texture), children are able to develop their physical and cognitive abilities. Moreover, it helps to foster a love for the beautiful natural environment which we call our home. If you would like us to take your child on a magical journey of fun and learning, please drop us a call or email!

Contact Us

100 Turf Club Road #01-02
HorseCity, Block 5
Singapore 287992

  (+65) 6463 5733
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My kids enjoy going to school and come home everyday telling me about the hands-on activities they had done, or sing to me the songs they had learnt. From my children's work and behaviour, I can see that the teachers have shown much care and attention to their development and praise them appropriately to build their self-confidence. This motivates them to learn and do better. The school also organises relevant field trips which further enhances their learning experience. As an educator myself, a strong curriculum and dedicated teachers are important aspects which I value when deciding on a school for my children. I am glad I have chosen Maple Bear.
– Mrs Rachel Chan, Parent
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