The Maple Bear teaching methodology has been developed by Canadian professionals and refined for the children of Singapore, based on the bilingual experience as well as on the dedicated educational practices that make Canada and Singapore's education systems two of the best worldwide.

At Maple Bear, we believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience for children. Play is the serious work of children and is essential to a child’s well-being, as it brings together physical and intellectual abilities, as well as emotional health, creativity, and the ability to get along with peers and others.

In our schools, children are encouraged to explore and learn in a practical way through individual discoveries and exchange of experiences in groups. Creativity and self-expression are encouraged continuously.


Our classrooms are spacious, supplied with appropriate materials and toys, and have been cleverly designed to accomodate different centers of activity: arts, writing, building and games, drama, sand and water, library and multimedia, math, music, and science.


Maple Bear Singapore Learning Through Experience and Exploration

When children enter school, they regard learning as a pleasurable experience and so are naturally inclined and eager to learn. It is important that the program reinforces and builds on this positive attitude by offering varied stimulating and enjoyable experiences.

The knowledge and skills that children acquire by the end of preschool, along with positive attitudes towards learning developed in these early years, form the basis of effective learning in their later years of school and post-primary education.


Maple Bear SingaporeTeachers Ensure That Learning Expectations Are Met

Competence in language, reading, mathematics, science and technology is developed systematically. Teachers integrate subject knowledge into a variety of active techniques suitable to the developmental stages of the children. Maple Bear schools have high learning expectations of children within a healthy, stimulating and supportive learning environment.


Maple Bear SingaporeChildren Learn Through Direct Sensory Experience

Play is the serious work of children. Children are naturally curious about their world and are eager to learn about it. They need to manipulate, explore, and experiment with real objects.

Through it, they clarify information, integrate ideas from their previous experiences, and explore and experiment with their environment. Play also gives them the opportunity to add knowledge, learn new skills and practice familiar ones. They learn to deal with their feelings, interact with children and adults and resolve conflicts. Here’s where their imagination and creativity flourish, which are crucial to helping them learn to problem solve.