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Maple Bear Jubilee

Situated in a grand, colonial-style bungalow estate, MapleBear Jubilee Park is the perfect sanctuary for children growing up in a bustling city. With a vast outdoor compound, a whimsical wooden playground, and brightly coloured learning corners, we offer an abundance of space for your children to run safely, climb confidently, and create the timeless memories of childhood. The name Jubilee reminds us of the need to rejoice and celebrate — we want our boys and girls to always celebrate curiosity, creativity, confidence and collaboration. We welcome you and your child to come along with us on a journey to discover how caterpillars turn into butterflies, why the sky is not always blue and apples are not all red.

Our kids Nathan & Natalia are delighted to be a part of MapleBear Jubilee. They are always excited when we drive to school, and are super chatty on the ride home, sharing all the fun activities they get up to every day. It is such a relief for us to have found a school with everything we envisaged as a wholesome learning environment. The facilities are well-maintained and we were thrilled with the ample outdoor space for kids to run around in.
Through the teachers' care, we have seen our kids grow into confident, independent children. The teachers appreciate the strength and weaknesses of each child, and tailor their approach to the individual. The principal, Ms Nicole, is extremely hands-on, constantly monitoring and keeping us in the loop of our children's development.
We are so pleased with the progress of our children since they started attending MapleBear Jubliee. Keep up the excellent work Ms Nicole and team!
– Tze Ting and Benjamin, Parents of Nathan and Natalia Tan
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