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Maple Bear Jubilee

Jubilee Park is the perfect location for children growing up in a bustling city, for they seldom have the space to run safely, climb confidently, experiment with sand and water, smell the roses, watch caterpillars turn into butterflies and enjoy childhood while learning.

We chose Jubilee as it reminds us of a need to celebrate and rejoice. We want our boys and girls to celebrate curiosity, creativity, communication, confidence and collaboration.

Our Jubilee Bungalow was once the place where thousands of children and their families gathered to celebrate Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, National Day, Childrens’ Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries. It was also a place where many called it ‘home’ as they remember fondly how our Founder, Mrs. Patricia Koh made this school a special place for children.

We welcome you and your family to join us, as Mrs. Patricia Koh takes you on a magical journey with her team of teachers to experience success in learning two languages proficiently. By the time your child graduates at the age of six, he or she will have seen how volcanoes erupt, understand the meaning of buoyancy, know the difference between a frog and a toad, discovered that the sky is not always blue and apples are not all red.

Come in soon to experience how together we can make childhood unforgettable for your child. Call us at 9777 4866 to arrange a special tour with Mrs. Patricia Koh herself and end the session with a piece of cake and a cup of tea.

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