Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.

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Maple Bear Jurong Lakeside

Nestled in the heart of Jurong, just a stone’s throw away from Jurong Lake Garden and the Lakeside MRT station, Maple Bear Jurong Lakeside is more than just a place to learn but a vibrant space for young minds to flourish. From spacious and inviting classrooms, a dedicated music room, specially crafted learning corners, and an outdoor play oasis, we’ve curated an environment that inspires curiosity and creativity. We believe that education should be an adventure and a journey of discovery. Our commitment goes beyond teaching as we aim to build close relationships with our students and parents to benefit their growth and development. At Maple Bear Jurong Lakeside, we offer a holistic, bilingual curriculum that sets a solid educational foundation for your child while nurturing a love for learning. Our team of experienced and passionate educators welcome you to join us on this exciting preschool journey. Let’s connect and shape a bright future for our young learners during these crucial formative years!