Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.

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Maple Bear Kovan

Housed in a residential sanctuary, MapleBear Kovan operates out of a two-storey brick-walled estate with nature-inspired features. We are located near two large outdoor playgrounds at Aroozoo Park and Surin Avenue, where we get to venture out on daily explorations and sunny adventures. Our centre includes a garden yard with an outdoor playground, a Balinese-style water spa, a lush edible fruit garden, a micro-vegetable farm, and conducive learning classrooms. We believe the environment is an important secondary teacher and in the importance of outdoor play.

My children are enrolled in MapleBear Kovan and they always look forward to school! They love their teachers so much that they talk about them almost every day. Ever since they've joined MapleBear Kovan, I have witnessed good changes in their behaviour, physical and social skills! As a parent, I have always reminded my children that learning should not only happen in the classroom. At school, the teachers would often bring the children outdoors to play and learn. I strongly believe in play-based learning and greatly appreciate the school for making learning fun. The teachers also always put in the extra effort, making teaching materials out of recycled items, or doing live experiments for the children to watch, learn and engage in. Thank you MapleBear Kovan!
– Jasling Pang, Mother of Mikaerius Pitsanu Sangkarat and Mikaela Sutatta Sangkarat.
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