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Maple Bear Loyang

An iconic red bungalow sits within the residential estate of Jalan Loyang Besar – it is our very own Maple Bear Loyang! With a spacious outdoor area including a jungle gym, water play pool, gardening plot and cycling areas, our children get to enjoy a myriad of outdoor experiences. We offer a conducive learning environment that nurtures your child’s inquisitive nature. Maple Bear’s award-winning immersive bilingual program is a cornerstone of our curriculum and our team of dedicated and passionate educators aims to deliver the best early childhood experience for your child.

Our girls Meryl & Melia love attending MapleBear Loyang! We loved the location of the centre, with a mixture of indoor and outdoor areas.
Under the care of lovely and nurturing teachers in the centre, we are very happy that our kids have grown into caring and confident individuals. We are lucky and grateful to have all the teachers and support staff who have cared for our kids throughout their journey growing up.
Special mention to the centre’s principal Ms Lixian for always reassuring us of our kids' well-being and being very hands on as well.
Thank you for building the strong foundation of our kids together. We would definitely recommend MapleBear Loyang as our preferred choice for an early childhood centre!
– Michelle and Junwei Ng, Parents of Meryl & Melia Ng
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