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Maple Bear Mt Emily

Located along Wilkie Road, Maple Bear Mount Emily has an outdoor and an indoor playground. The centre provides a conducive environment with specially designed activity areas that support your child’s learning.

Maple Bear Mount Emily offers flexible hours to support working families who requires 7am – 7pm care, or shorter hours to support families who have alternative care either before or after school hours.


  • Water Play – Water is fun, fascinating and multifaceted. Most children cannot resist its attraction. Through water play, children understand physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics without realising that they are learning such difficult concepts. We have created a dedicated area to ensure that our children can be engaged in water play safely.
  • Music Room – Our Music room is inviting and filled with lots musical instruments and various other materials to inspire children to love music. Our children will also be given the opportunity to sing, dance and perform on a little stage we have created just for our future ‘stars’.
  • Reading Area – With a wide collection of age appropriate storybooks in a relaxing environment, our Reading Area supports children’s interest in reading and builds their linguistic skills. This is one of the important features at all our Maple Bear preschools so as to encourage bilingual literacy.
  • Committed to excellence in teaching and the care of children, we use the best pedagogical practices with Maple Bear’s strong bilingual-immersion curriculum. Our centre’s Principal has over 12 years of experience in the early childhood field and is indeed very passionate about working with children. She will also be supported by a team of teachers with many years of dedicated experience.
  • Maple Bear’s excellent teacher-child ratio will allow our teachers to give the necessary attention to our children in different settings and learning experiences.
  • Maple Bear is led by our CEO and Education Ambassador, Mrs Patricia Koh, a leading educator in Singapore has more than 40 years of experience in early childhood and primary education, teacher training, curriculum research, programme development as well as centre management. With her involvement, every child who joins Maple Bear will have an enjoyable learning journey to equip them with the future skills and knowledge that they will need.

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