Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.

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Maple Bear Orchard (Claymore Connect)

Located right in the city centre, Maple Bear Orchard (Claymore Connect) is a stone’s throw away from Singapore’s premium shopping and entertainment district, easily accessible by car and public transport. Located within Claymore Connect mall, a retail oasis at the upper end of Orchard Road, we offer a bright and homely environment where the start of a fun-filled learning journey begins. We welcome you to visit our school to find out more about our strong holistic learning programme and commitment to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for your child.

MapleBear Orchard took a collaborative approach with us parents and focused on a highly nurturing and child-focused approach with our children. They both started since infant care and have continued through to preschool education.
We chose MapleBear for its immersive bilingual programme and the noticeable nurturing approach that they take. Both the principal and teachers take the extra effort to align with parents’ concerns, and would adapt the environment and teaching approach to drive a great learning experience. The teachers also make the effort to allow learning through play – something that we uphold as we want our children to appreciate learning in a fun way!
We are so proud of the team at MapleBear Orchard and its bilingual immersion programme. For a non-Mandarin speaking family, our daughter Olive's international school Mandarin teacher commented that her Mandarin was very professional. MapleBear has prepared her well both academically and socially, which has helped make the transition for all of us very smooth.
– Kevin and Ania Williams, Parents of Olive and Francis Williams
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