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Maple Bear Pasir Ris Park

Set off the coast in a quaint residential estate, MapleBear Pasir Ris Park is a stroll away from wide-open spaces of natural greenery. Our preschool is housed in a landed property with spacious outdoor play areas, creative learning spaces, and a conducive classroom environment. Children have endless learning opportunities in our very own backyard, through gardening activities and trips to the seaside park, where their love for the environment will surely blossom. With our strong team of teachers committed to providing a stimulating and nurturing environment, we aim to give every child the best start in life and build a strong foundation for a love of learning.

We are delighted to have our daughter, Hailey, enrolled at Maple Bear Pasir Ris Park. Hailey eagerly anticipates each school day and consistently leaves with an uplifted mood.
The Teachers and Principal demonstrate exceptional attention to her well-being, consistently keeping us informed about her academic and personal progress through the Maple Bear App.
We appreciate the nurturing environment that Maple Bear provides for Hailey's growth and development.
– He Changyan & Chia Pei Shi (Val), Parents of He Yu Tong Hailey
When we first enrolled Zi Han at Maple Bear Pasir Ris Park, we were hesitant if she could adjust to being away from us and in a new environment. Our doubts quickly faded when we saw how Ms Christina and her team warmly welcomed Zi Han and helped her quickly settle into class.
From warm greetings at drop-off to thoughtful activities planned throughout the day, we have seen Zi Han flourish under her teachers’ care. We’re heartened to see how she has grown from a quiet and shy child to a confident and chatty one. We attribute this to the many opportunities that the school has provided for the children to explore and learn beyond the limits of a conventional classroom. As parents, we have also always felt very supported by the school. Ms Christina and the teachers are open to our feedback and helpful with our queries. It is reassuring to know that our child is spending her early years in a loving and stimulating environment, where she can learn, grow, and make cherished memories every day.
Thank you to all the wonderful teachers at Maple Bear Pasir Ris Park! It is truly wonderful and a joy to be part of the school community.
– Ang Yi Jun Jeremy & Lai Wei Wei, Parents of Ang Zi Han
My kids have attended Maple Bear Pasir Ris Park since January 2024 and it has been a great experience so far. Ever since Levi started school, I have seen a great improvement in his engagement. He comes home happy and frequently mentions school, his friends and teachers. I have also noticed an improvement in his English and Chinese writing. Recently, he even surprised me with a card written in Chinese for the first time! Teacher Brittney, Zheng Lao Shi, and Ms Christina have always been very positive and responsive, which helps put us parents at ease that Levi is settling in well.
I am glad that we chose Maple Bear Pasir Ris Park - it is a holistic, bilingual school which focuses on all-rounded development. I particularly like the exposure to water play, weekly park adventures, and appreciate that the teachers conduct lessons in a fun and engaging manner. Most importantly, we have found the teachers and staff to be friendly and caring as well.
I am looking forward to my two kids blossoming further in this school!
– Chin Kai Wen Matthew & Vannessa Teo, Parents of Chin Yu Le Levi & Chin Yu Xi Faith
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