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Maple Bear Pasir Ris

Maple Bear Pasir Ris is situated at Pasir Ris Park, known for its wide-open space and exciting playground, much loved by kids of all ages.
The location of the centre suggests plenty of opportunities for your child to explore the natural world. Using their senses in this natural setting, the children will be able to develop their physical and cognitive abilities outside the classroom. With ample shade provided by numerous lush trees, they also get to enjoy the nature without harsh exposure to the sun.
Featuring a spacious outdoor play area along with cheerfully decorated classrooms, fun cookery corners and many more engaging facilities, inquisitive children are encouraged to learn through play, in a safe and stimulating environment. The little ones will also be involved in caring for the school’s garden and enjoy the fruits of their labour.
Come join our cosy family at Maple Bear Pasir Ris!

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