Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.

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Maple Bear Pasir Ris Park

Located in the tranquil Pasir Ris Beach Park estate, Maple Bear Pasir Ris Park is within walking distance from a number of condominiums such as Vue 8 Residences and Stratum.

The school operates out of a landed property with plenty of outdoor play areas. Our backyard also offers many opportunities for your child to explore and discover nature through gardening, fostering their love for the environment since the early years.

Our unique location and close proximity to Pasir Ris Beach allow us to plan regular school activities within the park. This natural setting provides the perfect environment for your little explorer to learn more about Mother Nature through our robust curriculum that encourages inquisitiveness and learning through play.

In addition to our bright and beautiful learning environment, we believe in investing in dedicated and creative teachers who are passionate about helping children learn through fun and enriching activities. We have in place a strong team of teachers who are committed to providing a stimulating and nurturing environment to give every child the best start in life and build the foundation for the love of learning.

Visit us to find out more about our robust program which encompasses bilingualism, is literacy-rich and where diversity is celebrated.

Contact Us

77 Pasir Ris Avenue
Singapore 519732
(Near Pasir Ris Beach Park, Carpark F)