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Maple Bear Mascot at Philippines Family day event

Maple Bear Philippines Family Day 2024

Posted in Maple Bear Asiawide / Maple Bear Philippines on Friday, March 1st, 2024

The Maple Bear Philippines Family Day 2024 held in January this year was a magical occasion where our Asiawide community came together in celebration.

For this year’s event themed “Once Upon a Time”, we held a very special Charity Carnival to raise funds for the Kythe Foundation, dedicated to making hospitals a happier place for children. It was a fairy-tale extravaganza with delightful games, whimsical activity booths, and enchanting performances by our incredibly talented preschoolers and teachers!

Our Education Ambassador, Mrs Patricia Koh, and Chief Financial Officer, Mr Adrian Fong, from Singapore also attended to share our Maple Bear mission to continuously create unforgettable childhood memories.

Thank you to all our Maple Bear families in the Philippines for making this event a fantastical day full of fun, joy, and laughter, while creating a brighter future for children in need!

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