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Mom and tots program

Preparing Your Child for Preschool: the Mom and Tots program at Maple Bear Ari, Thailand

Posted in Education / Maple Bear Thailand on Thursday, May 30th, 2024

Are you excited for your child’s first school experience but want to ensure they feel comfortable with the adjustment? The Mom and Tots program at Maple Bear Ari is specially designed for 18 – 36-month-old children to get them ready for preschool. 

The program equips young children with the skills to feel independent and confident at school outside the home environment. The toddler is respected as an already very competent learner and is encouraged to explore, play, discover, and practice in ways that best fit his or her emerging abilities, interests, and skills.

One of the first steps to preparing your child for preschool is being able to separate from a parent or caregiver. By empowering your child to be self-reliant, they can feel happy and safe to explore and grow their own curiosity of the world. 

Here are some tips to prepare your child for the first day of preschool:

  1. Focus on self-help skills. Parents can help children learn to take care of themselves by teaching skills such as washing their hands, putting toys away, or taking their shoes off.
  2. Setting up a daily routine. Keeping to a routine schedule for mornings, afternoons, and nights is important to creating a structured environment for your child so that they can feel safe and secure going to school every day.
  3. Listen to your children’s questions and engage in conversation. Enthusiasm and inquisitiveness are important, rather than asking all the questions, aim to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and thinking.
  4. Inspire children to try new activities and learn new skills. By encouraging children to explore new activities and step out of their comfort zones, children will be happy and confident young explorers ready to take on the world!

When parents support their child’s development in these areas, they will be excited to meet new friends, get active outdoors, and enjoy learning! Maple Bear Ari sets high standards to ensure children’s readiness for preschool. We aim to give children a broad range of knowledge and skills that build a solid foundation for progress through school and life. 

If you’d like more information about the Mom and Tots program, feel free to contact the school by E-mail or via the Official Line Account.

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