Maple Bear Global Schools - Rodney Briggs President

It is thanks to our team of wonderfully qualified and experienced trainers and curriculum writers that the foundation of Maple Bear’s excellent methodology is built into each and every one of our Maple Bear global locations.
And that’s because Maple Bear trainers fly around the world a lot!
They arrive with not only their decades of expertise to share inside our schools, our classrooms, and even inside our staff rooms where leadership skills are also developed, but they also bring their curiosity and the best of Canadian education into the Maple Bear global world.
Recently, we held a symposium at the University of Winnipeg for current and potential trainers and curriculum developers. It was impressive to see such passion and experience in the field of education in one place. 
So take a few minutes and meet one, long time Maple Bear trainer Art Pffeffer, here.
Rodney Briggs, President

Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.


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