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Maple Bear Rochester

Situated in a pristine neighbourhood on the third floor of Rochester Mall, MapleBear Rochester strives to provide the most enriching first school experience. Step inside our doors to take off on a delightful learning adventure with specially-equipped facilities such as an indoor playground, sand play area, and bright spacious classrooms. In addition to being a hub for enrichment classes, Rochester Mall also offers outdoor grounds where we bring our kids for weekly play! More than just a preschool, we aim to create meaningful experiences for the most memorable years of childhood.

Thanks to the staff & teachers of MapleBear in Rochester for the smooth onboarding of our 20-month old son. He transitioned quickly from a nervous new kid to one who looks forward to playgroup every day, thanks to the playful and supportive environment of MapleBear.
The personal attention given by the teachers to ensure a smoother transition for the new kids is highly commendable.
– Mr & Mrs Manikantan (Krish's Parents)
MapleBear Rochester has been a second home to Yichen since he joined at 18 months old. It is a school with an intimate yet diverse environment. We were nervous on his first day, but found that he adjusted surprisingly well and fell in love with school life. The staff and teachers give individual attention to our kids, and patiently accommodate our requests for frequent updates. Yichen has become more confident socially over time, and acquired many life skills that made him independent and responsible.
The bilingual environment fits Yichen well as we mostly speak Chinese at home. His English has improved significantly after attending school. Yichen was also exposed to various forms of dance, drama, cooking, acrobatics, sports, and so on. We are confident that Yichen will be well-prepared for Primary School. We thank everyone at MapleBear for taking care of our precious little one every day!
– Liu Zhichao & Xu Xiaoqi, Parents of Liu Yichen
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