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Maple Bear Sembawang

Situated in a small and tranquil neighbourhood off Sembawang Road, Maple Bear Sembawang operates out of a quaint and cozy bungalow with plenty outdoor play areas.

Our school ensures that every child feels safe and happy during their hours with us. Our teachers are not only well-qualified, creative and fun, but also truly nurturing and caring individuals who work as a team to look after the needs of all our children.

In line with the core values of Maple Bear schools, we provide every preschooler with a great start to life and inculcate a real love for learning and a sense of curiosity and wonder about the world around them.

Here at Maple Bear Sembawang, we prepare each child for the eventual rigours of primary school without losing the fun and excitement of learning.

  • Brand new facilities for the comfort of the children
  • Low teacher-child ratio
  • A variety of outdoor play areas for children to enjoy;
  • Herb garden to grow organic produce that we use in our kitchen so children can partake in the process of cultivation
  • Large and spacious classrooms that are bright and airy
  • We foster strong parent-teacher relationships to ensure the best support for the children
  • Holistic teaching approach that allows children to explore and discover the different subjects in a fun, inclusive and memorable manner

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29/31 Jalan Lengkok
Singapore 759218