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Maple Bear Tai Seng

MapleBear Tai Seng is a vibrant and cozy preschool designed for children to explore in a safe and nurturing environment. Our centre is equipped with a dance studio, a cookery corner, a reading library, and an amazing Jungle gym where children can have plenty of fun while creating beautiful memories of friendship. We are a home away from home, where each child’s unique needs are taken care of. Our program caters to children from 2-months to 6-years old, providing them with a broad range of knowledge and skills that will set the right foundation for their progress through school and life. Join our MapleBear family and give your child a head start on a lifelong journey of curiosity, imagination, and passion for learning.

My daughter looks forward to school every day at Maple Bear Tai Seng. She enjoys making friends and spending time with them, especially during Enrichment classes.
Ms Nicole, the principal, has been very hands-on and approachable. I am regularly updated on my child’s progress and the teachers plan many engaging activities for the students. For example, the Christmas concert which was a super production. I love seeing how she and her team genuinely cares for the kids and readily engage with us parents.
– Tugas Frances Monique Buot and Yu Eng Hong Franklin, Parents of Amelia
We are very glad to have enrolled our daughter at Maple Bear Tai Seng. The environment and teachers are very welcoming. I have seen my daughter’s immense progress since she started school. I believe that the school’s conducive learning environment and interesting curriculum play a big part in it. We are looking forward to seeing how my daughter grows and nurtures in the coming years.
– Ling Yan Jun and Ichiya Kazuma, Parents of Ichiya Ena
Ilyssa and Ilena joined Maple Bear Tai Seng in mid-January this year. Principal Nicole and Ms Wu Bo are very welcoming, providing regular and timely updates about the girls’ progress. Nicole has been very helpful, forthcoming, and assuring. She is quick to address any concerns and takes the initiative to call and discuss the latest happenings in class. The teachers are also proactive and very caring. Our girls speak fondly of their teachers and friends, and are always eager to share new songs and dance moves they learn in class! The indoor playground time is a bonus too!
As parents, we envision our kids growing, learning and sharing in a safe, loving and caring environment. We really appreciate the genuine care and love shown to the girls! Thankful for the great partnership and looking forward to many more fun activities with the school!
– Tan Hwee Ping Adeline and Oh Jin Jie, Parents of Ilyssa and Ilena
Despite having three children, we still have limited knowledge of early childhood education. We know we want the best for them so that they will succeed in adulthood. Question is, what does the best mean? We realised that Maple Bear encourages play-based learning which aligns with a child’s natural playfulness. Our children love the school facilities especially the Jungle Gym and Lego Corner. This motivates them to attend school and also aids in their motor and creative-thinking skill development.
The school focuses on each child’s strengths and needs to foster a comprehensive and conducive learning environment. This differs from the conventional method of feeding academic knowledge only, thereby overlooking each child’s abilities. Maple Bear Tai Seng has delivered an all-encompassing education for our children.
– Dr. Irwan Moideen and Tita Adityaranie, Parents of Aqeel, Aqeela and Aqeera Alzaritzya
Nathaniel joined Maple Bear Tai Seng in January 2022, and I’ve witnessed how much growth and confidence he gained in 6 months. Nathaniel looks forward to going to school every day and speaks fondly of his teachers, Mary and YoYo Laoshi. From the beginning, Ms Nicole and the teachers adopted a proactive approach to keeping us posted on Nathaniel’s progress. They are also super helpful and assuring so that working parents like us can have peace of mind knowing that our child is in the right place to play and learn.
I like the cosy and vibrant nature of the school. Maple Bear’s wholesome curriculum also strikes the right balance between playing and learning for his age. We are very thankful for the school’s warm and conducive environment and look forward to many more fun activities and events ahead!
– Tay Jieying and Chan Heng Pang Kenneth, Parents of Nathaniel Chan
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