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Maple Bear Sukhumvit 107

As the first Maple Bear school in Thailand, Maple Bear Sukhumvit 107 is designed to showcase the best of Canadian education at the heart of Bangkok. Our centre is easily accessible by car, taxi and the BTS Skytrain (Bearing Station). Maple Bear Sukhumvit 107 features the best of early childhood education underpinned by research and best practices in Canada and Singapore. Supported by Mrs. Patricia Koh who is the Education Ambassador of Maple Bear Singapore, we offer a rigorous and immersive multilingual curriculum for children from 2 years to 6 years old. We aim to develop your child’s language proficiency in English, Thai and Chinese, in line with Maple Bear’s approach to conforming with local education standards, while meeting the expectations of parents globally.

At Maple Bear Sukhumvit 107, we recruit our staff based on their aptitude and experience in educating young learners and train our staff rigorously to ensure they keep abreast with the latest developments in early years education.

Our outdoor area features an exclusively designed sensory playground, a water-play and sand-play area, and a swimming pool. All our classrooms are equipped with air purifier units and retrofitted with equipment that meets the highest health and safety standards. They all come together to realize our goal of creating a happy and conducive learning environment for your child.

Our daughter loves it at Maple Bear Thailand. She started school at 18 months old and spoke her first sentence on the way home after her fourth day at school. She spends plenty of time outside in the playground which has done her well too. Plus, she gets tons of direct interaction with the teachers as her class size is small, while still having peers to socialize with. Mellie is now happy to say goodbye to us parents when dropped off at school in the morning!
– Matthew Brewster Mawson, Father of Mellie Mawson
As a parent, I have found the teachers and staff enthusiastic, approachable, and helpful. The classrooms and playground are also well-organized, clean and safe.
Maple Bear Thailand focuses on individual child learning and integrates a theme-based curriculum through various fun activities. I like how the school delivers bilingual programs in both English and Mandarin to ensure my son can continue his studies abroad in the future.
– Amonsi Mah, Mother of Edison Yeh
My daughter initially enrolled in a Summer Program at Maple Bear Thailand and continued to attend preschool here. Since then, her social and communication skills, which I was concerned about due to the Covid situation, have improved gradually. She learns how to play and share things with her friends.
Overall, I am impressed with the teachers and my daughter loves being at school very much. She always tells me about the activities she did at school and talks about her teachers every day. It makes me happy to see my daughter happy and enjoying her days at school. I believe that she is in good hands at Maple Bear Thailand.
– Chanita S, Mother of Anyarin Netipiraphong
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