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Maple Bear Thomson Walk

Located in the immaculate Thomson Hills neighbourhood, Maple Bear Thomson Walk is a short walk from condominums such as Horizon Gardens, Horizon Green and The Panoramma.

The school operates out of a landed property that is newly renovated specifically with the children in mind; We even have a Balinese-style outdoor water spa that they get to enjoy weekly! One of our core beliefs is that children should spend a good amount of time with nature as it opens the mind and aids with developing a strong immune system. To support this, the children help to tend our lush edible fruit garden and our micro vegetable farm. As a bonus, the children get daily access to the huge Thomson Walk Playground right across from us!

We are a school that emphasises imparting good moral values alongside rigorous academic standards through play-based methods. We believe the environment is an important secondary teacher and we believe in the importance of outdoor play.

If you share the same beliefs, drop us a call or email to arrange for a private tour!

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