Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.

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Maple Bear Upper East Coast

In the vicinity of East Coast’s premium offerings, MapleBear Upper East Coast is located in a pristine residential neighbourhood occupying a bungalow estate. With a huge outdoor playground, a flower garden patch, a custom-built rock climbing wall, a water-play area and spacious indoor classrooms, our educational premises are designed to suit your child’s needs. In close proximity to East Coast Park, we also take monthly trips to the seaside coast where our children get to enjoy plenty of time in nature! At MapleBear Upper East Coast, we are dedicated to inspire a love for learning, spark curiosity, and set the foundation for your child’s bilingual success.

My son is currently enrolled in MapleBear Upper East Coast, and I am glad that he loves going to school every day. The activities planned for the kids every week are fun and fulfilling and the teachers do a wonderful job in coordinating the schedules. The school has a good teacher to student ratio and provides a brilliant environment for learning. They are consistent with their updates on the school curriculum and the children's learning progress every week. The principal and teachers are very caring and attentive to each individual child. My little one has learnt so much from attending school and his confidence has also been built up massively.
– Joan Pek and Kevin Wong, Parents of Brendan Wong
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