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Maple Bear Upper Thomson

To cater to the growing demand for MapleBear’s well-designed curriculum and methodology, MapleBear Upper Thomson opened its brand new learning campus in April 2017. Our centre is located on the ground floor of the modern establishment TAG.A, along Tagore Lane, comprising of purposefully refurbished facilities such as an outdoor playground, a swimming pool and a rooftop garden terrace. With unique facilities activity-oriented by design, we are the select childcare for families looking to explore the dynamic opportunities of play-based learning.

Narrowing down a preschool for our firstborn Matthias was a challenging task, as we wanted a school that was able to support the additional effort in maintaining his skin condition. Back in 2017, MapleBear Upper Thomson was newly established and we liked the environment along with the vibe of the teachers - so Matthias was MapleBear Upper Thomson’s first student! Glad to say that Matthias has thrived along with them.
Matthias is in SK (6 years) now, and we can only attribute his inquisitiveness, love for the outdoors, flair for logic, and resilience towards setbacks to the nurturing and positive environment that the school provides. The environment and teaching ethos have always resonated with us, and we had no qualms with his younger brother Mikael joining him in school! The love and kindness instilled between the two brothers is truly fostered by the excellent teachers we have at MapleBear Upper Thomson.
– Marc and Mayvina Tham, Parents of Matthias and Mikael Tham
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