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Maple Bear Woodlands (Gambas)

Maple Bear Woodlands offers a unique and enriching learning environment catering to all families. It is near 3M and Seagate within the Woodlands and Sembawang vicinity. This brand-new preschool is conveniently located next to the Ark @Gambas, at NORDCOM 1, 3 Gambas Crescent.

Maple Bear Woodlands has three levels spanning 12,000 sq. ft in total, enabling children to enjoy the freedom of space for exploration and discovery, with a low teacher: child ratio. This preschool emphasizes various social-emotional aspects which are integrated into the main curriculum to enrich children’s learning experiences, such as morals, values and interactive skills, which form an important part of their daily lives.

This spacious preschool has a specially designed indoor water-play area and two indoor playgrounds, which develop children’s motor skills in addition to ample learning resources in classrooms. The team at Maple Bear Woodlands comprise of passionate and committed individuals who believe in making a difference in every child’s life.

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3, Gambas Crescent
#01-07, Nordcom 1
Singapore 757088