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Maple Bear Woodlands Eleven

Situated in a bustling suburban town, MapleBear Woodlands Eleven offers a fun and engaging learning environment for families living and working in the north. Our team of caring and attentive educators will ensure that your child explores in a safe, secure and stimulating environment designed to provide an all-rounded development. Featuring a nature-themed environment, music & movement rooms, arts & creativity corners, and other unique activity areas, we provide every opportunity for your child to play, learn and discover. Our mission is to nurture innovative young minds and help children to develop a lifelong love for learning.

Since enrolling in MapleBear Woodlands 11, our son has stopped resisting school and has shown significant progress in his learning and development. He looks forward to going to MapleBear and is always excited to share with us snippets of what he has learnt or experienced there. As our son used to dread going to school, we are happy to see such positive changes. We also appreciate the efforts of the team in encouraging our son, who is a picky eater, to eat better. In contrast to his former school where he seldom ate, there is much improvement in his eating habits now, both in school and at home. A big THANK YOU to the team at MapleBear Woodlands Eleven for making schooling such a fun and enjoyable experience for our son!
– Vanessa & Yongquan, Parents of D
We would like to thank everyone at MapleBear Woodlands 11 for taking such good care of our son Dylan, especially Miss Melina, Miss Audrey and 朱老师. This is the second school for us because our son didn’t adapt well at all in the first. They are taking such great care of him that he is now enjoying school and waving goodbye to us happily every morning. We can now go to work with peace of mind.
– Anny and Pin Hao, Parents of Dylan
I’m pleased and happy for Adam to be at MapleBear Woodlands 11 as it has been a conducive environment for him to learn and grow. The curriculum was most important to me, that it is not all academic, but to do with learning through play and about the world. Adam mentioned he loves school so that gives me the assurance that he is happy there.
– Atiqah & Hariz, Parents of Adam
Inaya has been enjoying going to MapleBear Woodlands 11. Every morning after waking up, she will say "go to school". Even on weekends, she will ask to go to school. She has been learning to become more independent after attending MapleBear – eating alone, keeping her toys on the shelves, putting back her shoes in the cupboard, etc. In addition to that, she is communicating with us in complete sentences and learning to be more expressive. She is also picking up on how to count numbers in Mandarin. We are happy to have enrolled Inaya with MapleBear.
– Fariha and Omi, Parents of Inaya
MapleBear Woodlands Eleven has been a second home for our daughter, Xi Ting. She started with fears and tears, but is now very excited and looks forward eagerly to school every day. She has grown by leaps and bounds since she started 3.5 months ago. We are surprised and happy to see the vast improvement in her motor skills, speech and knowledge.
The teachers and principal are extremely warm, caring, and responsible in teaching and taking good care of their students. A special thanks to Ms Audrey, Zhu Lao Shi and Ms Renice. We’d like to express our gratitude towards your care and efforts in nurturing our precious daughter during her time in school.
– Eric & Felicia, Parents of Xi Ting
There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right preschool. My wife and I chose MapleBear for the quality, flexibility and affordability. I knew about the strong leadership of MapleBear Singapore and had confidence in the quality of the school. Its low teacher-student ratio is also best for my son, we wanted an environment where he would be sufficiently cared for.
I am glad to see my son energetic and keen to attend school. He’d regularly share with us about what he experienced and learned in MapleBear without being asked. We are glad to know that he is under the care of experienced teachers who are teaching him both Chinese and English.
I encourage other parents to consider placing their child at Maple Bear Woodlands 11 because overall, this is a good-quality centre. I can see that a lot of effort, patience and love has been put into building this preschool.
– Calvin and Xiuping Tan, Parents of Chen Zhiyuan
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